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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Thanks to all who have submitted work for MER 18. Submissions are currently closed. We will be responding by 1/1/20.

For your info, expired call is here:

Submit for MER 18!

Mom Egg Review is opening May 1, 2019 for submissions for the 18th annual print issue, themed HOME. We publish literary work that is about mothering or motherhood; submissions for this issue should be about motherhood and this issue's theme of HOME.


Mothers and  HOME

We are looking for work about motherhood in the context of any of the many connotations of HOME. Some possibilities: Your childhood home, your first apartment, the home you live in and create. Homelessness. Home land. Home base. Torn between homes. Also all the rooms of the home and what is done in them (kids’ room, kitchen, bedroom), the neighborhood, others’ homes, being away from home (hospital, travel), etc. Of course, as well, the earth is our home. The nature of “home”—is a home a place, a feeling, a center, a community? Can work be a home? Can a poem be a home?  We look forward to reading your work.


We publish poetry, flash and short fiction, creative prose, and hybrid works (up to 850 words). We also seek mother-themed art.

Submission Calendar

Early Bird Submissions May 1 to May 7. (free, up to 200 submissions total, Submittable limit; if these are used up, please submit by Regular Submission).

Regular Submissions ($3 fee) May 1 to August 1.

Our submissions calendar is on Eastern Daylight Time.

We will respond by Jan. 2020.

The issue will be published in April 2020. 

Note: Some guidelines have changed this year. Please read all guidelines before submitting.


We publish works that reflect diverse experiences of mothering and motherhood, and are interested in your perspective on any aspect or phase of mothering, from pre-inception to later life. Many of our contributors are themselves mothers, but you need not be one to submit if the subject matter of your submission focuses on mothers or motherhood

Please read our website and journal to get an idea of the kind of work we publish before submitting. You can get a PDF copy of our last issue, MER 17, for $5 here:


We use Submittable for online submissions, and do not accept paper or email submissions. Submissions are free of charge during our “Early Bird” period of May 1 to May 7, 2019. You may submit only one "Early Bird" submission per genre. We will accept Early Bird submissions until we reach 200 free submissions (Submittable's limit). Thereafter (and concurrently) we will accept Regular Submissions

For Regular Submissions, May 1-Aug.1, 2019, there is a $3 fee for each poetry submission (of up to 4 poems), creative prose submission, and fiction or cross-genre submission (up to 850 words). Or, you can submit for free if you subscribe to the upcoming issue for a special price of $14. When in Submittable, select the option you prefer.  No fee is required for art, or video submissions.

Submit work that has not been published previously online or in print. Simultaneous submissions are okay, but please let us know promptly if your submission is accepted elsewhere, by using your account to add a note to your submission telling us which titles are no longer available for consideration. Submissions will be considered for the print issue and for our VOX MER feature on our website (unless you specify that you are only submitting for one or the other). If you have previously submitted to Mom Egg Review, we request that you submit work other than that previously submitted. 

Cover letter: Please include

  • the title(s) of each individual work in the submission
  • a brief  (50-75 word) third person bio 
  • All genres:  Submit your work in one document with the file name Last name_First name,_Genre. (prefer .doc, docx, .txt, or .rtf, but if your work has unusual spacing, you may submit in pdf form).

Poetry: Please submit up to 4 poems in a single word or text document of no more than 6 pages with the file name Last name_First name_ Poetry.  Do not put your name on the pages themselves. Please number your pages and start each poem on a separate page.  Important: Please left justify your poem without indenting and single space your poem (unless indenting or extra spacing is and integral part of the poem). 

Creative Prose, Fiction, Cross-genre: Please submit one piece of 850 words or fewer, or several short-short pieces that total fewer than 850 words in all, in a single word or text document with the file name Last name_First name_ Genre.  Please double space, number your pages, and put title of the submission (but not your name) on top of each page.

Visual Art:  Please submit up to four works of art (drawings, paintings, photos, etc.) that relate to mothers or motherhood, in a .jpg file at 300 dpi.  (MER cover is color; interior art is black and white.  If your art is selected, we will request a larger file.

Video or Audio: (for website) 3 min. max. (submissions currently closed).

Scholarship Submissions: We have a limited number of submissions scholarships available. If the submissions fee is a hardship, you may submit during the "Early Bird" period or email us at MERsubmissions with your submission, cover letter and bio. Please put “Scholarship Application” as subject line.

Contact:  (Please be sure to add this address to your email program so that you can receive correspondence from us). We will add all submitters to our mailing list (we send a bimonthly newsletter) but you may unsubscribe if you wish.

Terms of publication

You represent that you own the rights to the piece, and allow us to publish it.   Mom Egg Review acquires first-time publication rights to the piece. We also reserve the right to republish it in a future electronic and/or print collections. Back issues are archived indefinitely. Rights return to the authors after publication; after the contributions have appeared in Mom Egg Review, the authors may republish their pieces in any manner they wish but it is requested they acknowledge prior publication in Mom Egg Review. We are a volunteer organization, and are unable to pay for pieces at this time.  A complimentary PDF contributor copy of the complete issue will be emailed to you prior to the launch date. You will also have the opportunity to purchase hard copies at reduced contributor rates if you wish.        


  Thanks for submitting to Mom Egg Review.

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